Easily communicate with your site visitors

CoronaWP is a free and easy way to display a info banner on your WordPress website. Just install the plugin, add your own info and you’re all set.

Super easy

The installation and setup of CoronaWP is extremely simple. It's easy to use for both novices and experts.


CoronaWP is a lightweight plugin which does only one thing – adding a banner to your WordPress site.


CoronaWP is free of charge. Install it on your own site, or as many client sites as you wish.

Settings overview

Setting up the banner is as easy as 1-2-3. The plugin is intended for use by both novices and experts alike.

Now save your changes and you’re all set!


Turn the banner on/off


Add a title


Add an excerpt


Type in your link and link text


Set the text alignment


Set if the banner is sticky


Set your desired banner color

Fully responsive

Get it now!

CoronaWP is the simple way to add a banner to your site. It’s super lightweight, easy to use and off course completely free.